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HOWARD TERNDRUP will be a strong conservative voice for the residents of the 72nd District in the Pennsylvania State House. As a lifelong resident of Cambria County, he grew up in a working-class family on a small farm in Cambria Township. Howard attended local public schools, graduated from Juniata College and returned home to start his career. He taught Chemistry at Bishop Carroll High School while growing his landscaping contracting company, which he has successfully owned for more than 30 years.

As a small businessman, Howard Terndrup has balanced budgets, met payrolls, paid taxes and created jobs. He will use his proven skills to help grow our economy and work to reverse the population decline that contributes to a smaller tax base, lower home values and fewer job opportunities. His top priority will be to keep more of our families here and to attract new residents to Cambria County. He has the proven experience we need in the state house.

Howard Terndrup also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the REA Energy Cooperative where his mission is to provide affordable, reliable energy services to the rural families he represents in our region. This experience has provided him with a first-hand look at many of the issues impacting residents across Cambria County. As the primary caregiver for his mother for over 15-years before she passed away in 2018, he knows how important being able to stay in her own home was to his mother. That is one reason why he has worked hard to help make home ownership more affordable for others who want to do the same. As State Representative, Howard will build on this experience and will work for much needed property tax reform to protect homeowners and ensure they are able to keep their homes.

A trusted conservative, Howard Terndrup shares our values. He and his wife of thirty years, Leigh Ann, raised their two grown children here and he wants to ensure that our children and grandchildren have the same opportunities he had growing up. Leigh Ann is a dedicated public school teacher and Howard has volunteered for numerous organizations over the years including as a 4-H leader, Boy Scout leader, youth sports coach and his service as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).  He is active in his church, The First United Church of Christ of Ebensburg, serving as Trustee Board Secretary and singing in the choir.

“Over the last three years, President Donald Trump has delivered a growing economy with good paying jobs and low unemployment, appointed more conservative judges to the courts, protected our Constitutional rights and improved our quality of life,” said Terndrup. “As our President, he has proven that bringing new ideas and positive change to government is good for working class families. I am running to use my experience to bring positive change and our conservative values to state government in Pennsylvania.”


Shares Our Priorities

A Conservative Republican We Can Trust


Howard will take on the career politicians to reform state government and will cut
wasteful spending to hold the line on taxes and put taxpayers first.

Dollar Bills


Howard is the ONLY ONE we can trust to take on the Harrisburg liberals and defend our 2nd Amendment and uphold our Constitutional rights.



Howard is a true conservative who is strongly Pro-Life. He can be counted on to protect the unborn and to oppose the use of our tax dollars to fund organizations who perform abortions.

Happy Family


Howard is a small business owner with 30 years experience who will fight for our jobs and for the effective job training our workers need to succeed.

Construction Engineer


Howard is a husband and father from a blue-collar family in Cambria Township. He will work for quality and affordable healthcare for our families and seniors and lead in the fight to combat the opioid crisis.

Senior Therapy


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